Andres Hernandez

Andres’ drive in life is transformation – whether it’s in the world of business or in personal development. He is passionate about championing organisational culture change and customer experience excellence to deliver real benefits to customers of clients. A natural leader, Andres is always looking to inspire the leaders of today and tomorrow; through coaching, mentoring and challenging conventional thinking.

With over 10 years of experience in customer operations and five years in strategy and operational leadership, Andres offers deep expertise in customer experience — in sectors that include public transport, financial services and retail.

When not engaging in strategic thinking or CX design, Andres is an avid basketball fan and movie buff. Don’t get him started on DC vs Marvel… 

A Plea to Australian Retailers as the Amazon Juggernaut Approaches

The world’s largest online retailer is coming; and by all accounts, it is out for blood. What should Australian retailers do?

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Failure Isn’t an Option: But Not For the Reason You Might Think

Senior Consultant Andres has been at Stellar now for two short months. In this personal blog he reflects on the decision to start a new role, and how he faced down his fear of failure.

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Why Your Organisation Should Be a Fishing Trawler

Everybody should be responsible for customer feedback. Every department and every manager should be able to connect on every channel to the customers who are donating their time to provide valuable insight. It should not be a dedicated team. How do we make this happen?

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