Case Study: Innovative Training

Innovative training strategy delivers increased speed to competency.

The Challenge

While supporting a complex service for a large Telecommunications company Stellar identified that the 5 week training program was leaving many of our employees experiencing ‘information overload’ that truly impacted their ability to become confident in their roles. We also found out that there wasn’t sufficient ‘practice time’- time to turn the concepts into reality and embed key learnings. This was also causing a high attrition rate in first 90 days. We decided there had to be a better way to support our client, their customers and our people.

The Solution

Our contact center specialists devised the following:

  • Implemented a ‘Split Skills Training’ which included

- 3 week course on Billing

- 3 weeks handling live Billing calls.

- 1 week of activation training.

- 3 weeks handling activation calls.

  • IVR was used to route calls to agents based on their skill sets.

The Result

  • Higher performance results by end of probation with new training (90% compared to 50%).
  • Agents were eager to learn new skill sets.
  • AHT (Average Hold Time) reduced from 826 seconds to 675 seconds.
  • Increased morale across entire center.
  • Increased retention rate in first 90 days.
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