Case Study: ISP Sales

Delivering a customer and sales focused solution to support the expansion of strong brand in competitive ISP market.

The Challenge

Stellar was selected to be the true business partner to support growth for a new business in the competitive ISP market.  We were tasked with establishing an entirely new service including scripts, processes, resource structure and agent roles. This included providing a strong and positive brand experience and offering a flexibility to adapt the service to meet changing circumstances.

The Solution

Our contact center specialists devised the following:

  • Worked closely with client to devise initial scripts, processes, resource structure and agent roles.
  • Applied quality monitoring and continuous improvement process.
  • Delivered ongoing agent training.
  • Provided systems to support knowledge management.
  • Implemented cost-to- serve tracking and strategic roadmap.

The Result

  • Provided great customer experience to support strong brand with high NPS scores.
  • Trialled new contact methods including web chat, kiosks.
  • Provided visibility, and implemented and tracked reductions on cost-to-serve.
  • Conducted a successful hybrid onshore/ offshore solution to drive operational efficiencies.
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