Case Study: Offshore Collections

Agile and Flexible solution for offshore collections service significantly improves contacts to conversion ratio.

The Challenge

A high profile client in the Utilities sector wanted to maintain their high quality contact center services for collections. They engaged Stellar to support both inbound and outbound services, transfer 26 back office transactions to the new team, deliver new campaigns such as bill smoothing and benchmark current debt collection performance.

The Solution

Our contact center specialists devised the following:

  • Designed a training program and Quality Assurance process to maximize credit outcomes.
  • Ramped up capability from 7 to 150 seats.
  • Supported 200-300% productivity gains in customer contact.
  • Managed inbound, outbound and back office processing needs.

The Result

  • Processed 25,000 accounts per week, collecting over $5,000,000 per week, of which 30% paid in 5 days.
  • Managed BOH workflow and reporting solutions for 26 transaction types.
  • Management SMS blasting and inbound response line.
  • Increased contacts to conversion by 15-20%
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