Case Study: Short Term Campaigns

Multilingual and rapid response solution to support transport enquiries during the Sydney Olympics.

The Challenge

The Ministry of Transport required a short term call center solution to handle transport enquiries to approximately 500,000 visitors during the Sydney Olympics. This rapid ramp up was for one month’s duration and required multilingual IVR functionality as well as a DRP in addition to our ongoing service.

The Solution

Our contact center specialists devised the following:

  • Recruited and trained 500 additional employees.
  • IVR solution developed for 1.2 million calls – both ongoing and multilingual.
  • Provided an additional 120 seats for the month–long duration.
  • Attended to the DRP requirement.
  • Established a link to a self-serve website where transport information could be found.

The Result

  • Managed over 1.2 million calls whilst ensuring all service levels were met.
  • Costs to serve were reduced as 30% of calls were handled via IVR.
  • Self-serve website was a success, reducing calls to centre.
  • DRP of 40 seats was established.
  • Continued our work with an overnight transition to the Paralympics following the closing ceremony.
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