Community Spirit During 2009 Bushfires

Stellar’s exceptional community spirit during the 2009 Victorian Bushfires.

The Challenge

To assist the Red Cross, Stellar volunteered it’s time and resources to support the victims of the bushfires. We needed to rapidly ramp up to provide crisis services to manage tens of thousands of registrations and enquiries from distraught callers. We were required to log caller details and ensure that the Red Cross could access the information.  All throughout our dedicated team members had to do their best to remain calm in a highly distressing situation.

The Solution

Our contact centre specialists devised the following:

  • Used our expertise to set up emergency call centre services in a minimal time fame.
  • Donated 40 seats at our Richmond Call Centre.
  • Managed a pool of over 200 volunteers on rotating shifts.

The Result

  • Answered over 15,000 enquiries.
  • Registered details of 9,800 individuals.
  • Assisted the Red Cross to make 4500 matches.
  • Supported and trained all volunteers.
  • Donated over 400 ‘paid’ hours and many more hours of volunteer time.
  • Provided facilities for 12 hours a day during the crisis.
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