Financial Institution Insourcing

Supporting a change at a major financial institution with effective Insource solutions.
image description The ‘insourcing’ activity... has been a great success and is testament in my mind to the passion and desire of the Stellar team in delivering a great service for us image description Senior Manager, Planning and Support, Global Financial Institution

The Challenge

A well renowned and global financial institution implemented a new online banking platform, meaning a there would be a large migration of existing customers to the new platform. Stellar was required to assist with a significant increase in inbound call traffic. Our specialists needed to also ensure seamless customer service levels that were in-line with the client’s brand promise.

The Solution

Our contact centre specialists devised the following:

  • Developed an Insource model to recruit, train and deploy resources into our client’s call centre.
  • Conducted a condensed two week training program.
  • Implemented a flexible shift model to meet changing operational needs.

The Result

  • Stellar delivered more than 67,000 hours across a 12 month period.
  • Insource model provided the client with considerable savings in recruitment, training and operations.
  • Controlled ramping of solution  - increased number of advisors from 24 to 110. 
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