Financial sales to consumers

Driving value with ‘sales through service’solutions for a leading credit card provider

Stellar’s client is a leading provider of credit and charge cards to the consumer and corporate markets. Part of a global banking brand with branches in over sixty countries, our client has a proud history of innovation within the Financial Services sector.

In April 2008, our client required an outsource partner to implement a customer engagement programme aimed at new cardholders. This proactive marketing initiative aims to increase satisfaction by ensuring that the needs of new customers are being met while identifying opportunities to maximise the value of their business.


Scope, develop, and launch an outbound ‘sales through service’ solution to increase satisfaction, initiate card usage and generate sales

Maintain a high quality customer experience aligned to the company’s brand values and 45 years of market knowledge.


Stellar developed a bespoke scripting system with a ‘flexible journey’ through up to nine customer touch points, creating a customer-centric call experience that increases engagement and maximises conversion.

Experienced advisors with a blend of sales and customer service skills establish a rapport with customers and build an understanding of their individual needs.

Customised business intelligence reporting provides detailed performance statistics that enable each aspect of the call to be monitored for best practice and a consistent brand experience.

Stellar implemented a multi-channel approach to further improve performance by integrating personalised e-mail marketing tools into the campaign portfolio.


A consistently high performance across all aspects of the call has seen targets increase by as much as 100%.

Three-quarters of customers elect to receive an immediate follow up email with information discussed during the call.

Around 95% of those who take part in an automated customer survey at the end of their call rate their experience as being ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’.

An initial twelve month contract was extended and the account is now in its fourth year of operation

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