Financial Services Customer Care

Providing customer care solutions for a changing Financial Services market

Our client, a major financial institution serving millions of UK customers, was undertaking a significant change management process during a time of uncertainty within the Financial Services sector.

Recognising that this would lead to high volumes of customer enquiry calls over a short-term period, the financial institution turned to its contact centre partner of seven years, Stellar, for assistance with implementing an inbound customer service solution.

Stellar not only had the operational expertise to meet their requirements but had already embraced the client’s brand values as a trusted long term partner. We understood the significance of the project, the sensitivity required to handle customer enquiries, and the client’s need for confidentiality.


Scope operational requirements and ensure that everything was in place by the date of an announcement to their customer base.

Develop contingency plans in case news of the announcement reached the media ahead of the planned launch date.

Recruit and train a high volume of advisors within a challenging timeframe, ensuring that they were immersed in the client’s brand values and high service standards.


Stellar worked in partnership with the client to develop a customer services solution providing information about the changes that were taking place and reassuring customers that the same high levels of service would be maintained.

Where Stellar were unable to handle account sensitive information, a warm handoff process to the client’s operational teams ensured a seamless experience and customer satisfaction.


Implementation of fast and flexible short-term contact centre solution which helped our client to maintain its first class reputation for customer service at a time of market uncertainty.

More than 170 advisors recruited and trained to a high standard within 5 weeks.

13,289 calls handled, delivering an overall Grade of Service (GOS) of 98.71%.

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