LiveEngage: Delivering a Rich, Intelligent, Live Digital Engagement Experience

Stellar have joined forces with LivePerson to offer a new level of customer engagement through their innovative LiveEngage platform.

LiveEngage will maximise revenues from your existing web-traffic and transforms your website into a new service channel, enabling your customers to interact with your business in a platform that is the most comfortable for them. This leading cloud-based customer engagement solution, empowers businesses to drive the greatest possible results from their digital assets. Through algorithmic predictive targeting, LiveEngage is able to understand customers’ needs and estimated values, enabling businesses to intelligently connect through chat, voice, targeted content, and video chat—across all channels and devices—and deliver rich, personalised engagement experiences. LiveEngage enables you to intelligently target and meaningfully engage with your most high value customers and allows you to begin conversations with new custom

What can LivePerson do for you?

LiveEngage provides predictive, intelligent targeting. Leveraging complex analytics to optimise business results, LivePerson brings to you the next generation of intelligence and targeting: algorithmic predictive targeting. By evaluating complex sets of visitor behavioural patterns, along with a broad set of customer and business data, including historical, operational, demographic, and third-party data, LiveEngage determines exactly which visitors to engage and when, before they leave your site.

LiveEngage delivers rich, multi-media interactions across all channels and devices. Whether it’s through chat, voice, video chat, or targeted content, LiveEngage delivers rich, engaging experiences that fulfil customer needs, increase conversion rates, and enhance customer satisfaction—anywhere along the customer journey: from discovery, to purchase, to service. Agents can share videos, help complete forms, transfer files, share screens, provide secure payment card forms, and much more.

And as your customers continue to shift from the website to mobile, you can engage with them on their smartphones and tablets, both on your mobile website and apps, delivering a deeper and more immersive customer experience

LiveEngage provides deep analysis and optimisation. Through extensive reporting capabilities and data analysis, you can continuously improve campaign effectiveness, agent performance and customer engagements.

Liveperson percentages 

LiveEngage will optimise agent effectiveness to ensure the best possible customer experiences delivered with the highest degree of efficiency optimising CSAT scores, first contact resolution rates, and call/email deflections. Leverage conversion analyses to optimise campaigns, ensuring the greatest possible impact and results.

LiveEngage delivers measurable value. By increasing conversion rates, revenue per visitor, average order values, and search marketing results; by decreasing customer support costs; and by improving agent efficiency, first contact resolution and customer satisfaction rates, LiveEngage delivers an ROI that is both measurable and proven. This value is realised by over 8,500 clients globally, with over 450 million visitors per month

LiveEngage is secure. When it comes to doing business on the web, security is always a top priority. In order for the online marketplace to thrive, businesses and consumers alike need to be assured that their sensitive data is well-protected. Trusted by industry-leading enterprises, including many of the leading global financial services firms, LivePerson offers a highly-secure, reliable platform that meets and exceeds some of the most stringent security requirements, enabling online businesses to safely communicate with their customers.

We are proud to have found and partnered with the leaders in webchat technology and are excited about the possibilities this service can bring to our clients. We would be delighted to assist you in integrating this exciting platform into your existing customer contact channels and working with you to design the optimum solution for your business. 

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