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Supporting sustained business growth through scalable, outbound sales solutions

Stellar’s client, Affinion International, is a global provider of innovative affinity marketing solutions that strengthen customer relationships while generating additional revenue streams. Working in partnership with clients from the Financial Services, Insurance, Utilities and other sectors, our client has successfully targeted over 117 million customers worldwide with travel, leisure and protection products.

As part of a dynamic plan to grow their business within the UK market, our client required an outsource partner to help them meet challenging sales targets while maintaining their excellent reputation for quality and customer service.


Provide outbound telemarketing services to support the client’s ambitious growth targets for their UK affinity business.

Develop a scalable contact centre solution capable of expanding operations by as much as tenfold over the subsequent year.

Meet the exceptional levels of quality and customer service expected by the client while adhering to stringent regulatory requirements.


A successful trial campaign demonstrated that Stellar’s flexible approach and proven expertise in affinity marketing made them the clear partner of choice for such a demanding growth plan.

Stellar developed a scalable outbound telemarketing model capable of meeting stringent performance targets set for existing and new product areas.

Stellar’s unique business intelligence system, IQ, provides invaluable insight into customer demographics, performance and productivity for each campaign, giving the client faith and confidence in the way their data is managed.


Controlled and sustained growth expanding the account ten-fold at its peak over a three year period.

Detailed insight into customer behaviour and campaign performance has ensured that key messages and campaigns are targeted to the customer demographics of each affinity brand.

Stellar’s unique business intelligence system, IQ, has supported the successful launch of new products by ensuring that the most responsive customers are quickly and effectively identified.

Stellar was recognised by the client as their ‘Vendor and Manager of the Year’ in 2009.

More than 65,000 policies have been sold by Stellar in one year.

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