Recall Campaign

Technology and Outbound campaign solution supports retail product recall.

The Challenge

Stellar supported a distributor of popular beverages that faced a sensitive product safety recall due to a casing defect. It was a complex task as the client needed to recall certain batches of a product from stores without moving batches and products that were unaffected.

The Solution

Our contact centre specialists devised the following:

  • Rapidly (within hours) implemented and completed a ‘Dialler Blaster’ campaign to convey message to retailers instructing them on how to identify and remove affected products.
  • Implement a team of staff to follow up businesses on their recall progress.
  • Used our industry-leading Campaign Management system.

The Result

  • Effectively and efficiently assisted retailers from around the nation to identify, isolate and return affected stock of recalled product
  • Provide on-demand progress reporting to the client including insight into campaign statistics.
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