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Social Media capabilities across a number of industries.
image description For over 8 years Stellar has been a strategic partner delivering exceptional customer service. Implementing a multi-channel strategy, Stellar has been able to engage with our customers through both online and traditional channel support, while ensuring a consistent brand experience on each and every interaction. image description MD, Major Entertainment Company, Australia & New Zealand

The Challenge

Stellar was tasked with supporting a range of clients to interact with their customers across a number of channels. A vital component of this was to maintain and deliver each client’s true brand essence in every piece of communication whilst delivering an end-to-end experience. We were also challenged to trial new solutions and technologies.

The Solution

Our contact centre specialists devised the following:

  • Engaged our client’s customers through a number of social channels including –

-          Webchat and online enquiries.

-          Facebook and Twitter.

-          Email, fax and white mail.

-          Traditional call centre execution.

The Result

  • Stellar has since supported 35,000 hours of online forum moderation for a major entertainment client.
  • We have also trialled and supported webchat for the Telecommunication and Education industries.
  • Continuous management of social media transactions as efficiently as calls.
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