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Super Corp were in alot of debt. They came to us for a solution.
image description Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. image description Arthur C. Clarke, Sales Manager at BP

A corporation is created under the laws of a state as a separate legal entity that has privileges and liabilities that are distinct from those of its members.[1] There are many different forms of corporations. Many corporations are established for business purposes but public bodies, charities and clubs are often corporations as well. Corporations take many forms including:statutory corporationscorporations solejoint-stock companies and cooperatives. An important (but not universal) contemporary feature of a corporation is limited liability. If a corporation fails, shareholders may lose their investments, and employees may lose their jobs, but neither will be liable for debts to the corporation's creditors.

Despite not being natural persons, corporations are recognized by the law to have rights and responsibilities like natural persons ("people"). Corporations can exercise human rights against real individuals and the state,[2][3] and they can themselves be responsible for human rights violations.[4] Corporations are conceptually immortal but they can "die" when they are "dissolved" either by statutory operation, order of court, or voluntary action on the part of shareholders. Insolvency may result in a form of corporate 'death', when creditors force the liquidation and dissolution of the corporation under court order,[5] but it most often results in a restructuring of corporate holdings. Corporations can even be convicted of criminal offenses, such as fraud andmanslaughter. However corporations are not living entities in the way that humans are.[6]

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