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Successful transfer of services from in-house operations to Stellar’s outsourced solutions.
image description We partnered with Stellar because of their expertise in creating exceptional customer experiences and managing contact centers. Our results have been outstanding! Stellar’s management and global expertise is evident in the results we have achieved. Moving our customer care to Stellar has allowed us to redirect our resources toward other critical areas of our business. image description Matt Krzysiak, Chief Executive Officer National Motor Club

The Challenge

Stellar was tasked with migrating the call centre operations from the client’s in-house operations to its own contact centre. The in-house solutions had become a drain on the resources of the client, as well as taking the leadership away from its core business focus.

The Solution

Our contact centre specialists devised the following:

  • Migration of services over 5 months.
  • Trained 130 employees plus support personnel in an efficient manner.
  • Transferred some existing personnel from the client to contact centre premises.

The Result

  • Immediately replicated high levels of service that were a true representation of client’s brand.
  • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Increased client revenue.
  • Decreased client expenses.
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