Supporting our local and global communities

Local Community Support

Stellar has a strong sense of community support and involvement with the local community such as delivery of Pre-employment training courses to bridge the skills gap, specifically in sales skills identified within the local labour market. This has created both personal development and employment opportunities for particular individuals who were unemployed, had no contact centre experience and were wishing to return to work on a permanent basis. 

In the last year, we have been actively involved in a local school Ambassadors Programme; the aim is to develop leadership characteristics and promote personal responsibility through mentoring. These pupils then support local feeder schools in preparing new students for transition to secondary education. Over almost a ten year period, Stellar volunteers have delivered workshops to hundreds of 3rd year pupils on the challenges and considerations of transition from education to the workplace.

Other community activities include fund raising for local initiatives such as; appeals for underprivileged children, donations from our staff in terms of Christmas gifts to children’s homes and sponsorship of other community projects such as a local School of Dance.


Global Community Support

On a global basis, we are aware of our role in the communities in which we operate, and we have a strong track record of contributing to those communities in many different ways.

In each of the countries we operate in, Stellar has a community benefit structure. In Australia, this structure is known as Stellar Community Grants, and supplies grants of up to $500 for the purchase of equipment by community organisations (uniforms for sporting teams, art supplies for artist groups etc)

In the Philippines, Stellar’s contributions to the local community have been recognised in relation to the “super typhoon” Megi that hit the islands in October 2010.  In response to this natural disaster, our worldwide operations kicked off a fundraising project for those affected by the storm, raising thousands of dollars, which was matched, dollar for dollar, by the organisation.

In reaction to the floods in Queensland, Australia in recent years, Stellar’s global teams once again rolled out a range of fundraising activities, which were matched dollar for dollar by the organisation and raised over 12,000 EUR.


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