Back Office Processing

Stellar provides Operational Servicing solutions which includes activities such as :-

• Handling inbound customer service calls:

  • Cancellation calls
  • Customer enquiry calls
  • Complaint calls

•  Processing Administration requests:

  • Via inbound calls
  • Written correspondence

Stellar has supported one of the UK’s leading Direct Marketing Services organisations providing a UK based hub through which their customers could be serviced both efficiently and effectively by Stellar on our client’s behalf, with the following summarising the activity :-

• Management of 90 business partners

• 700,000 policyholders sold through affinity telemarketing

• 140 variations of Personal Accident/Accidental Death/Accident Cash Plan general insurance products

• Monthly Volumes

  • 4000 calls
  • 2000 mail/emails/fax

As a result of Stellar’s effective Project Management and Operational capability, the following outlines the key results and benefits that our client achieved by partnering with Stellar: - 

• Efficiency improvements

• Significant reduction in headcount from existing outsource model

• Successful transition from incumbent supplier to Stellar using key project methodologies and milestones

• Key focus on quality and process improvement

• Roadmap to establish European servicing hub at Stellar

Intelligent back office processing is only a call away.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Our unique and comprehensive BPO Business Intelligence solution - iQ - can help you grow your business by gaining a better understanding of your clients

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Innovation & Technology

Innovation & Technology

“We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” (Albert Einstein, 1879 - 1955)

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