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Gain qualified and comprehensive insight into your customers with assistance from Stellar. Discover how customer insight can help you.

Helping you understand your customers perceive you

Understanding your customer base is essential to meeting your business goals and differentiating yourself from your competitors. Stellar is committed to delivering quality service and listening to the voice of your customers. This enables us to provide you with deeper, more comprehensive customer insights to benefit your business. It’s one of the most crucial kinds of business intelligence that any business owner or manager should consider to be invaluable.

Stellar delivers everything you’d expect from quality customer insight services, including:

  • Net promoter score analysis and feedback
  • Quality monitoring
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Automated customer surveys

Data analytics is an important element to consider when gaining an insight into how your customers interact with and perceive your business. With the application of our Intelligent Interaction Analytics solution, through a ‘deep dive’ process of your chosen area of customer interactions, we can typically identify ways in which you can:

  • Drive out 20-30% of any relevant call centre costs
  • Improve overall customer satisfaction scores by 10-20%

From here, there are naturally immediate improvements in first call resolutions; we focus on identifying what makes customers call more than once and help develop a plan to improve processes. 

Enquire about our customer insight services in the UK and Europe

Your partnership with Stellar Europe then develops with the benefit of international benchmarking. Through the collection and analysis of customer insight we can help you understand how your service measures up and how you can differentiate your brand through service excellence. Further workshops and the opportunity to ‘test and learn’ the outcomes ensures these performance improvements are realised.

Our customer analytics program is not separate to our management of your customer interactions; we focus on embedding service improvements into your operations to ensure we delight each and every customer.

Stellar also works with a number of companies across the UK and throughout Europe to listen to their customers and provide valuable insights into improving the experience through better quality monitoring, international benchmarking and process improvements. We deliver actionable results for your customer’s experience.

Based in Irvine, we’ve garnered great experience working with a huge range of businesses in the UK and greater Europe, including Edinburgh, Glasgow, London and much more, so contact us today on +44 1294 225 300 and discuss tailored business solutions, including customer insights. 

Understand your customers and reach your business goals faster

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