Dialler Management

As a responsible provider of outsourced services, and operating frequently within regulated environments, Stellar is cognizant of our obligation to our clients and to UK regulatory bodies such as Ofcom, in ensuring that we operate in a compliant manner at all times. Stellar has therefore appointed an Operations Analysis team who are responsible for the daily monitoring of such parameters.

There are many controls in place at Stellar to maintain our compliance with Ofcom regulations which include elements such as :-

• ACD (Automated Call Distributor) Service Levels that are pre-set with individual alarms to notify when the drop call rate has exceeded a pre-determined level

• Monitoring of Dialler systems using our unique Stellar iQ system which refreshes in a real-time basis, and is colour coded to ensure any problematic compliance Key Performance Indicators are addressed in a timely manner, including key regulatory elements such as the abandoned calls percentage.

• Continuous monitoring of dialler behaviour during calling hours to ensure that the abandon rate does not go over the 3% threshold in a same day 24 hour period, with appropriate actions put in place to ensure the level meets regulation by the close of dialling on the same day

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