Global Capabilities

With onshore and offshore outsourcing facilities around the world, Stellar can help you grow your business, deliver financial advantages and improve your business processes.

Stellar’s global footprint is continually expanding and we owe this in part to our strategic mindset of thinking globally but acting locally. Our industry experts from around the globe are available to support any client or location. Stellar now employs nearly 4,000 employees worldwide and spans 5 continents:

  • Australia
  • UK
  • Philippines
  • Canada
  • United States


Established in 1998, Stellar is the leading outsource provider in Australia.  We employ more than 3000 staff on some of Australia’s largest and most trusted brands. With all service types being offered, we partner with many blue-chip companies in an array of industries including energy and utilities, telecommunications, financial services, government and the public sector, travel and tourism, healthcare, media and entertainment and retail, offering our clients both onshore and offshore options.


In December 2007 we opened our first centre in Manila and operations now employ over 1,800 staff servicing 4 geographical locations. The excellent English and multi-lingual language skills of our team combined with a strong customer service and quality culture has ensured continual growth.  Our client portfolio includes utility companies, airlines, specialised services, telecommunications, entertainment and many others and covers directory assistance, relay services, collections, inbound sales, customer care and back office processing.


With two contact centre locations based in the UK, Stellar Europe has been operational since 2001 supporting an array of blue chip clients and supporting the end-to-end customer contact cycle using a range of communication channels to suit the needs of our clients and their customers. A specialist in the Finance market having attained a range of associated accreditations from recognised regulatory bodies, Stellar also have extensive experience across an array of industries and service type. 

North America

Operating across both the USA and Canada, our North American business arm offers products and services that are continually diversifying to meet a range of needs across a number of industries. This includes the renowned Stellar Relay and Stellar Restaurant Solutions that satisfy vital demands with innovative solutions.

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