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With contact center facilities around the world, Stellar can help grow your business.

North America: Operating across both the USA and Canada, our North American business arm offers products and services that are continually diversifying to meet a range of needs across a number of industries. This includes the renowned Stellar Relay and Stellar Restaurant Solutions that satisfy vital demands with innovative solutions.

Europe: Stellar UK supports an array of blue-chip clients through its two contact center locations. With an ongoing focus on the end-to-end customer contact cycle we continue to exceed the expectations of both our clients and their customers by utilizing a range of communications channels. Our UK team has experience across an array of industries and has excelled in the Finance market where we have attained a range of associated accreditations from recognized regulatory bodies.

Australia: Stellar is the leading business process outsourcing provider in Australia. Established in 1998, Stellar partners with some of Australia’s most trusted brands and blue-chip companies offering both onshore and offshore service options. Forging long-term partnerships with these companies has become a primary ambition across an array of industries including Energy & Utilities, Telecommunications, Financial Services and Transportation, Travel & Tourism.

Philippines: Stellar’s Manila office provides a low-cost, offshore solution that provides global coverage. Our talented and multi-lingual team in Manila has developed an unrivaled culture and this, combined with strong customer service, has ensured solid results for our clients. Offering sales, customer care, directory assistance, relay services, collections and back-office processing, our Manila office services a wide range of industries including utilities, airline and telecommunications just to name a few.

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