CEO’s help celebrate and support vendors around the globe

The Big Issue is aiming to shine the spotlight on homeless and disadvantaged people who sell street papers around the world as part of International Street Paper Vendor Week from February 2-8 and on the 5th of February Stellar CEO Melissa Hamilton will be doing her part to help the homeless.

Business and political leaders around the country will sell alongside vendors for 30 minutes, joining other high-profile sellers internationally to help shine the spotlight on homelessness.

More than 28,000 people sell street papers in 40 countries across the world each year, including around 500 in Australia.

Vendors buy The Big Issue for $3 and sell it on the streets for $6, keeping the difference.

The Big Issue CEO Steven Persson said:

“Since The Big Issue’s launch in Australia in 1996 more than nine million magazines have been sold nationally, putting $19 million into the pockets of vendors.

Initiatives such as International Street Paper Vendor Week aim to de-stigmatise homelessness and poverty, while empowering people experiencing disadvantage to help themselves and change their lives.”

We’re proud to be supporting The Big Issue by participating in their CEO selling. Our very own CEO Melissa Hamilton will be taking a stand against homelessness by donning the famous fluorescent vest and ‘CEO Selling’ The Big Issue magazines.

Support them and their vendor mentor by buying a copy:

Time: 12:15 to 12:30pm

Date: Thursday 5th February 2015

Location: Outside The Como: 630 Chapel Street, Melbourne

Vendor mentor: Damo

This will be the second International Street Paper Vendor Week run by the International Network of Street Papers, which supports 122 papers around the world. Street papers have so far provided work opportunities to more than 250,000 vendors, generating $40 million income for sellers annually.

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