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Stellar Evolve is a management consulting practice that brings together Tier-1 consulting expertise with Stellar’s hands-on customer service experience. We are a results-driven consulting offering that delivers tangible business outcomes for our clients.


What is Stellar Evolve?

Founded in 2015, Stellar Evolve is the management consulting arm of Stellar Asia Pacific.

We harness our award-winning expertise to guide businesses of all sizes in the evolution of their customer strategies and customer contact operations.

  • Define your customer strategy
  • Transform your customer experience
  • Optimise your customer-facing operations
  • Boost revenue
  • Reduce costs

Customer strategy is the only strategy

At Stellar Evolve, we understand that our clients’ relationships with their customers are of paramount importance.

We know that every client has their own particular customer and channel needs which can only be properly serviced through a comprehensive customer strategy. We recognise that our clients want to achieve optimal performance today and simultaneously prepare for tomorrow’s customers.

We lead our consulting practice with our customer strategy expertise, and support it with over 17 years of market-leading customer contact experience through our business process outsourcing division. Consequently, we recommend solutions and implementation guides that work.

Stellar Evolve’s services

Customer strategy

Every company needs to deliver the best possible customer experience for their customers.

Doing this requires a comprehensive customer strategy, an optimal channel mix and implementation methodologies. That’s where our expertise lies.

  • Customer strategy
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Digital strategy
  • Service design

Customer insights

Understanding your customer is the first step in being able to give them what they want. We have 17 years of customer conversations under our belt, combined with Tier-1 consulting expertise to get to the core of who your customer is.

  • Experience assessment
  • Customer research
  • Voice of customer program
  • Customer metrics framework

Contact centre optimisation

There are a number of elements to get right in a high performing contact centre. We will show you how to resolve operational issues and implement best practice.

  • Operations review
  • Workforce management
  • Sales maximisation
  • Quality framework



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