Stellar's Culture (US - Not Published)

Stellar’s vision is passionate about people, passionate about customers. Our culture is driven by "Open Book Management," (OBM). Through OBM, we encourage all of our employees to understand and participate in our business as influential partners who drive the right outcomes. 

Stellar’s Culture:

  • We are positive in approach and offer solutions to challenges to encourage continuous improvement
  • We encourage positive team spirit and productivity
  • We develop effective and supportive relationships through open communication and treating others with respect
  • Honesty and integrity are vital and we have a genuine care for the interest and welfare of colleagues
  • We are not preoccupied with personal gains
  • We are comfortable in managing / working in an environment that encourages employees to openly challenge and question decisions, and are capable of communicating the “why."
  • We are comfortable in a non-hierarchical environment and not driven by traditional symbols of status
  • We naturally align to the principles of Open Book Management.

People are crucial to everything we do and it is essential for our business that all of our employees are aware of the business dependencies between all stakeholders – our shareholders, clients and employees.

Quotes from employees:

“I relocated so that I would have the opportunity to work with Stellar. Being a part of an organization that practices OBM is a very refreshing change of pace. Instead of feeling like I am just another employee, I feel that I am truly an important piece of what makes Stellar successful.” – Jennifer K.

“Passion! That's the one secret of every person’s career; without passion, it’s just another job! Stellar has more passionate people than anywhere else I’ve seen.” – Julie M.

"The individuals with Stellar are a great group of people that have helped me recognize my full potential and allowed me to excel!" – Mischelle B.

"Nobody cares how much you know, until everybody knows how much you care." It is really easy for someone to tell when you are passionate about what you do, and when you love what you do, by providing support to our client’s customers and each other!" – Alberto R.

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