Stellar's Culture

Our vision is Passionate about people, passionate about customers – we focus on quality outcomes for your customers.

Stellar's culture is driven in the way we operate our business "Open Book Management", (OBM). Through OBM, we encourage all of our employees to understand and participate in our business as influential partners who drive the right outcomes. 

People are crucial to everything we do and it is essential for our business that all of our employees are aware of the business dependencies between all stakeholders – our shareholders, clients and employees.

In an industry where up to 70% of costs are attributed to labour, an outsource partner who delivers the best people and manages them effectively is the one that will deliver business efficiencies, productivity improvements and optimal customer service. Stellar's internationally recognised Open Book Management (OBM) culture does just that.

OBM has been embedded into Stellar’s culture since our inception in 1998 and accordingly we have been recognised internationally as an organisation that has practiced OBM to an outstanding level.

What does it deliver for you?

  • Open Book Management fosters extraordinary business results, engages employees and rewards achievement
  • A team who understands your business drivers and strives to deliver these
  • An environment in which our people are financially rewarded each month for delivering your business outcomes
  • Performance based incentives drive financial and quality results that link employee rewards with your business drivers
  • A focus on innovation and continual improvement

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