The Stellar Culture

Behind our innovative call centre services are great people. And we’re all about great people.

Behind our innovative call center services are great people. And we’re all about great people.

We believe that in an industry where up to 70% of costs are attributed to labor, the outsource partner who delivers the best people and manages them effectively is the one that will deliver business efficiencies, productivity improvements and optimal customer service.

That’s why at Stellar we operate with Open Book Management, or OBM as it has become known. This internationally recognized management philosophy has been embedded into our culture since we opened our doors in 1998. Through OBM we encourage all of our employees to understand and participate in our business as influential partners who drive the right outcomes for our clients.

So how does OBM benefit you?

  • It engages employees and rewards achievement which leads to extraordinary results.
  • It creates a team that really understands your business drivers.
  • If offers performance-based incentives that drive high quality results for your business.
  • It focuses on innovation and continual improvement that leads to a profitable long-term partnership.

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