Quality Monitoring

A program with high-level quality monitoring.

Our Business Management System (BMS) is the driving force behind our quality management initiatives.  Its framework ensures that all levels of staff are actively involved in providing input to transformation and improvement strategies for Stellar and our clients. BMS is also responsible for maintaining Stellar’s ISO 9001:2008 certification. 

Stellar’s BMS objectives include the following:

  • Integrate Quality Assurance with the way we operate to gain full benefits of a productive management system;
  • Ensure participation and compliance with all processes through education, review and improvement;
  • Support Stellar’s and our clients’ business objectives through improvement, risk management and design of innovative solutions;
  • Have simple and effective documentation that is soundly managed;
  • Maintain Stellar’s ISO 9001:2008 certification through the promotion and management of our core processes and the support of each area’s contribution to Stellar’s Management System.
image description Our long term relationship with Stellar has been built upon a genuine passion for our product and brand at an agent and management level. Close communication and the ability to deliver a solution that offers an in-house ‘feel’ and approach is key to our customer relationship. image description Media/Entertainment Client

What it does

  • Reduce monitoring costs.

    Obtain detailed information and insights by using our quality team.

  • Ensure consistency and ongoing improvement.

    Managing your ongoing quality monitoring program ensures we deliver consistent customer service excellence.

  • Quality Assurance to minimise risks.

    At Stellar, nothing is taken for granted. We constantly monitor, improve and innovate.

  • Add Business Insights.

    Our detailed quality monitoring program will provide deeper insights into your customer interactions and process compliance.

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