Back Office Solutions

We’re the call center specialists that manage your back office workflow as effectively as calls.

At Stellar we have the capability to support the back office processing of all your customer needs. We provide optimal workflow management through multi-skilling of agents and the use of sophisticated systems which manage back-of-house work queues. All this ensures you benefit thanks to increased productivity, increased business intelligence and a reduced cost to serve.

Our dedicated contact center team offers the following:

  • Management of customer transfers.
  • Contract management in contestable markets.
  • Processing claims.
  • Billing or collection paperwork.
  • Delivery of system generated lists via email, fax, white mail and social media forums. 

What it does

  • Increase productivity.

    Our workflow management system and ability to multi-skill agents will provide increased operational efficiency.

  • Increase business intelligence.

    We can analyze, quality monitor and report on your back office processes to provide increased visibility and consistency in service.

  • Reduce cost-to-serve.

    Our offshore option can reduce your costs by up to 40% whilst delivering the highest level of quality outcomes.

  • An end-to-end solution.

    Not only can we manage your calls we can support the processing of your customer requirements through market changes, billing engines, insurance claims and more.

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