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Stellar has the proven ability to dramatically transform the customer experience.

At Stellar we pride ourselves on being a global leader in call centre execution. However, we do so much more than just take your calls. Whether a simple lift and shift solution or a complete redesign of your customer contact strategy, we have the experience to not only manage customer relationships  on your behalf but to comprehensively take the customer experience to the next level.

Our capacity to effect such change begins with a solid foundation of project management principles and is followed up with industry experience, processes and practices to enable us to become your trusted partner in the quest to reach your business goals.

Our experienced contact centre team offers the following:

  • High-quality project management.
  • Process redesign of your overall strategy.
  • Service transition and transformation.
  • Partnerships to increase your brand value.
  • Focus on strategic partnership and outcomes.

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image description Stellar have demonstrated their ability to work at a very high level in some very complex environments, especially managing some of our important niche traffic all types. image description Telco Client

What it does

  • Maximise operational outcomes.

    Our workforce management system, processes and experience means we can improve utilisation reducing costs and supporting your customers when they need us.

  • Seamless Transition.

    When transitioning services onshore or offshore, we’ll deliver seamless service to your customers every time.

  • Continual Improvement.

    We have the people, processes and expertise to identify and continually improve your service efficiencies, sales and service outcomes.

  • Strategic Partnership that deliver.

    Our focus on open communications, regular planning and strategic roadmaps for your service ensure our team delivers your business outcomes now and into the future.

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